Before you get in touch, please check the rest of the site, specially the INFO page. We may have anticipated your query. Of course, if you just want to tell us how great we are, crack on.

For all general enquiries, please use the contact form below. We WILL pay attention to it, though it won't necessarily be an immediate response. The phone is sometimes unreliably available, though we don't always remember to wind it up.

Performers enquiring about appearing at the Festival should not use the contact form. Instead, please email here with your details. 

When a phone number is available, it will be displayed here:


The phone will be manned as and when we can: we'll do our best. If you don't get an answer, try again later, or use the contact form.

If no number is displayed, it means that we can't handle phone calls at the moment. Please use the contact form instead, that always works.

General enquiries

Thanks for getting in touch. We're on the case.