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We have two ticketed concerts in Theatr Gwaun - everything else is free. The two ticketed concerts are:


Saturday May 25th 2024

Merry Hell

Merry Hell

Multi-award winning Merry Hell offer joyful, uplifting folk-rock, with a message for troubled times. Native to the North-West of England, the 8-piece musical charabanc was built from the embers of the much-loved folk-punk band The Tansads, before developing a life and feel all of its own. Their energy and passion is complimented by their love of what they do and desire to share hope and togetherness with as many people as are willing to listen. Through 6 well-received albums and hundreds of gigs, they’ve offered voices of hope and beacons of light to anyone valuing spirit, energy, melody and positive humanity.



Sunday May 26th 2024



Securely ranked among Scotland’s most skilled and imaginative contemporary folk acts, Breabach unite deep roots in Highland and Island tradition with the innovative Scottish music scene. 2022 saw them release their latest studio album ‘Fàs’ and be awarded ‘Folk Band of the Year’ at the Scots Trad Music Awards. To date they have released seven increasingly acclaimed albums, whilst fuelling their creative appetites in collaborations with BAFTA award winning animator Cat Bruce on short film Dùsgadh, indigenous Australasian artists Moana & The Tribe, Quebec’s Le Vent du Nord, video game composer Big Giant Circles and as artists-in-residence at 2019’s Celtic Colours festival with Cape Bretoners, Beòlach.


The above concerts are ticketed. From here down, it's all free!

Acorns Ceilidh/Twmpath band


are drawn from the Royal Oak Tuesday night session. They know hundreds of tunes, and even know how to play some of them. Come along to their FREE twmpath/ceilidh on the Friday night and amaze yourself at how well you dance! Their excellent caller will talk you through the steps, no experience needed.

We haven't got a photo of the band, so instead, here is a photo of some people amazing themselves at a previous festival.


Baggyrinkle are in their 29th year.  Their close friendship underpins their singing. They are probably the only shanty group in the U.K. with a constitution that starts “Baggyrinkle aims to have fun”. And they do! Baggyrinkle have graced festivals and venues across Europe and the USA having a “Welsh choir” approach to harmonies in many choruses. Gathered from all walks of life, members past roles include doctor, medical scientist, nurse, headmaster, jewellery maker, businessman, and NHS manager. Harmonies are created “on the night”. Although Shanties are their mainstay, they also sing mining, rural and drinking songs.


Their name brings together their two main instruments, the bouzouki and the concertina.

Val has been singing in public since she was a teenager when she performed solo in folk clubs around London, Middlesex and Surrey. She was a resident musician at The Phoenix Folk Club, Staines and it was at this time Val took up the concertina and her love of Irish music and dance blossomed.

Keith was born of an Irish mother and was inspired by the Irish music revival of the mid 1970s with bands like Planxty and the Bothy Band. He picked up the mandolin whilst at University in North London when he frequented music venues and sessions in Kilburn, Archway and the Holloway Road.

Val and Keith have played music together since 1989 when they met in Sussex. Together they founded the traditional Irish band The Flying Toads performing regularly at folk festivals and clubs in England, Ireland and France.


Broadoak is a Pembrokeshire-based folk trio with Chris Kay, Peter Kay and Wendy Lewis, all experienced musicians with backgrounds and interests in many sorts of music from gamelan to rock. Chris sings and plays piano and whistle, Wendy plays fiddle and sings, Peter plays various fretted instruments and sings.​

Broadoak is their way of exploring traditional and contemporary folk, as well as creating their own new work in a folk tradition. It's hard to pin down their 'sound' in a single word: maybe 'eclectic' comes closest, and of course they always aim for 'entertaining'.

Carreg Las

Carreg Las are Border Morris Dancers based in Abergwili, Carmarthenshire. Some of their dances had their origins in the morris dances of the Welsh/English border, and alongside these Carreg Las are creating their own dances, influenced by living in West Wales.

Cobblers Child

Cobblers Child is four piece band of multi-instrumentalists from Gloucestershire formed in between the UK lockdowns whilst playing music together late into the night. They feature the unique, ear catching, instrumentation consisting of Northumbrian Small Pipes, Melodeon, Whistle, Guitar and Vocals. Half the band live on the inland waterways and pass on tales and traditional songs from the canals. They deliver compelling songs and tunes where the traditional sits alongside their own compositions.

Danny Sioned


Danny Sioned is a local singer songwriter, performing her original songs and traditional Welsh folk songs. Canwr lleol ydy Danny Sioned, yn perfformio cymysgedd o'i chaneuon gwreiddiol a rhai gwerin Cymraeg traddodiadol.

Facing the Ocean


(Jane Harwood on guitar, Russ Stanley on mandolin) draw on their love of wild places, walking the cliffs and sea to create interweaving, landscape-inspired tunes. For several years they have been at work on a collection of pieces inspired by the history and atmosphere of the Pen Caer peninsular which lies to the west of Fishguard.

This year they are bringing this special, local music (including many new tunes) to the historic church of St Gwyndaf at Llandwnda. Come and see the ancient holy well, explore this peaceful little hamlet , and hear the Rounds of Pen Caer. Hot drinks and cake will be available.

Finbar Magee and Breige Quinn

Finbar is an award winning bard and songwriter whose songs have been played world wide including at Glastonbury.  His unique range of ballads (My Belfast Love), satire (TK Maxx), social comment (The Eyes of a Stranger) and recitations (The Ginger Gene) ensure quality entertainment.  He is accompanied by Breige - one of the finest fiddlers in Ulster.

Imagine sitting down in a session with players like Finbar and Breige. Well, now you can!

Fishguard Folk Singers

are a group of friends who started out as shanty singers but have now added all sorts of other material. They have a bias towards sea songs, but their main criteria are: do they like it and enjoy singing it?

FFS have gone through a lot of changes recently, so we haven't got a current photo. Instead, here's the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra with their mighty organ in 2018. Nice.

Heb Enw

Border Morris side Heb Enw Morris - the name literally translates as `No Name Morris’ - formed in 2008 and draws its members from across Pembrokeshire and beyond. Meeting weekly near Narberth, and regularly performing in public throughout the region and occasionally across the border, dancers and musicians range in age from 8 to 70+. New members are always welcome.

Holly Robinson

Discussion/workshop: Healing folk

Want to know more about why listening to and playing folk music feels so good? Pembrokeshire-based music therapist and fiddle player Holly Robinson will be leading an interactive discussion and workshop on music and wellbeing. Find out more about how she uses folk music in her therapy practice and take a look at how you can use music to give your physical, emotional and mental health a helping hand.

Holly & Simon

Holly and Simon's Slow Session

If full
throttle, fast folk sessions are not your speed, why not join Pembrokeshire fiddlers, Holly Robinson and Simon Jones, at our "Slow and Easy" clubs on Saturday and Sunday? The sessions will be based on the popular Tuneworks festival tune book (available as a free download from as well as one or two other favourites as well with all instruments and abilities welcome.

Sesiwn Araf Holly a Simon

Os yw sesiynau werin llawn egni yn codi ofn, pam nid ymuno efo ffidlwyr o Sir Benfro, Holly Robinson a Simon Jones, yn ein sesiynau "Araf a Rhwydd" ar Ddydd Sadwrn a Dydd Sul? Seiliwyd y sesiynau ar y llyfr alawon gŵyl poblogaidd Tuneworks (ar gael fel lawrlwyth am ddim o yn ogystal ag un neu dau ffefryn arall. Mae croeso i bob gallu ac offeryn.

The ImprompTUNES

The ImprompTUNES are Jonny and Joanne, based in Ramsbottom in the north west of England. They are known for their quirky takes on popular songs and their mix of instruments, guitars, ukulele, mandolin and glockenspiel. Their eclectic playlist is sure to have something you'll enjoy and some comedy songs to make you laugh too.

The John Ward Trio

John Ward turned to folk and acoustic music in the mid 1980s and, by 1988, had become a full-time songwriter and musician on the folk and roots music scene. Since then, he has performed in countless venues all over England as well as overseas. John has guested on numerous radio shows and has appeared on British television a number of times.

Julie Murphy &
Ceri Rhys Matthews

Julie Murphy (voice and Shruti box) and Ceri Rhys Matthews (flute) are founder members of groundbreaking Welsh folk group Fernhill. Together they perform traditional songs and dance tunes from Wales and beyond, with particular emphasis on the music and poetry of West Wales. Their exquisite musical evocations of landscape and culture are timeless and universal.

Mae Julie Murphy (llais a blwch shruti) a Ceri Rhys Matthews (ffliwt) yn sylfaenwyr o’r grŵp gwerin Cymreig arloesol Fernhill. Gyda'i gilydd maent yn perfformio caneuon traddodiadol ac alawon dawns o Gymru a thu hwnt, gyda phwyslais arbennig ar gerddoriaeth a barddoniaeth Gorllewin Cymru. Mae eu hatgofion cerddorol coeth o dirwedd a diwylliant yn anfarwol a chyfanfydol.


are a trio based out of Texas/New Orleans and Ontario. They play early American jazz, Old-Time American fiddle music and Classical Ragtime on mandolin, guitar and banjo. That's a duo in the photo, but don't be fooled. I'm guessing one of them took the photo.

Mice in a Matchbox


are Sally Stamford, well known vocalist, featured in many bands such as the Loxley Trio, and Jim Rolt, a musician with a more rock n roll background. Together they produce an exciting sound which has been described as indie folk. Suffice it to say, it’s upbeat and exciting rather than glum and monotonous!

We are doubly grateful to the mighty Mice this year, as they are also providing the sound system in Ffwrn. What lovely people!

Their website is fun on a PC, with a mouse for a cursor (can't speak for Android/Apple). If Fishguard's Gary Jones ever hears what they do to "We'll all hang down behind", he'll have a fit.

Mike Greenwood

Mike has been playing D/G melodeon for over thirty years, specialising in the dance music of England and Wales. He is also a skilled exponent of the English concertina. Welsh dance music tends to be at the heart of any session, although you can also expect a heavy blast of English country music with a flavouring of French and Scandinavian melodies.

Can't find anything Internetty to link Mike's photo to - if you've got anything for us, Mike (or anyone else), get in touch and we'll be happy to add it.

Milton Hide

are singer-songwriters, Jim Tipler and Jo Church from East Sussex. Telling stories through original song, the duo blend Jim’s accomplished guitar and Jo’s pure vocal delivery, percussion and clarinet as a third voice. Be transported into a fascinating, sometimes melancholy, sometimes hilarious world of stories in song, introducing a host of intriguing and memorable characters on the way. A Milton Hide performance always engages and charms an audience, leaving them wanting more. Described as “reminiscent of the Moody Blues” (Living Tradition), “a touch of Fleetwood Mac” and “vintage Steeleye” (Spiral Earth) this is a performance not to miss.

Paul Hayes

Manchester born award winning singer/songwriter Paul Hayes, now living in the beautiful Preseli Hills of Pembrokeshire, plays a mixture of traditional and self-penned ‘folk’ songs, all sung and played with Paul’s individual style.

‘Paul captivated his audience with a variety of traditional and original tunes ranging from the hauntingly beautiful to laugh out loud hilarity! Folk lovers will love Paul Hayes’ – Lampeter Folk


After a year away, Festival favourites Rapsquillion will once again be emerging from their hiding place in the depths of the Marches, to breathe the cool, clear air of a May weekend in Pembrokeshire.

Rapsquillion, purveyors of concerts, workshops, sessions and the odd CD, continue to sing their way through life with an highly contagious sense of fun. They avoid at all costs any semblance of knowing their place whilst lobbing harmonies at anyone within range.

Razor Bill

Razor Bill is the popular Pembrokeshire folk band who love to play and sing traditional and modern folk.

They bring you a generous hint of Poguetry and other Celtic influences, and the occasional touch of country, plus a few songs and tunes you might never expect!

Rob Lear Band

Nominated for last years Welsh Music Award, and with RnR Magazine describing Rob Lear as one of this country's finest songwriters, the Rob Lear Band blends elements of beautiful vocal harmonies and a wide range of talented instrumentalists, which include accordion, mandolin, violin and djembe. The songs draw on Rob’s memories, experiences and coming-of-age tales of growing up in a small mining village tucked away in the Welsh valleys. Rob’s music blends folk, Americana, pop and a touch of rockabilly.

Simon & Claire

Couple folk dance workshop

Simon and Claire bring their experience of folk and community dance teaching for an open and fun workshop on traditional couple folk dances (Balfolk). Dances and live music (Chris Knibbs – Melodeon: Holly Robinson- fiddle: David Webb – Border Pipes) will feature schottiche, waltz, mazurka and bourreé.
You can attend with or without a partner, please wear smooth-soled, comfortable footwear.
No experience necessary.

Gweithdy Dawnsio Gwerin Cwpl

Daw Simon a Claire â’u brofiad o ddysgu dawnsio gwerin a chymunedol ar gyfer gweithdy agored a hwyl o ddawnsiau gwerin cwpl traddodiadol (Balfolk). Bydd dawnsiau a cherddoriaeth fyw (Chris Knibbs – Melodeon: Holly Robinson- Ffidil: David Webb – Pibau Ffin) yn cynnwys schottiche, waltz, mazurka a bourrée.
Gallwch ddod gyda neu heb bartner, gwisgwch esgidiau cyfforddus â gwadnau llyfn.
Nid oes angen profiad.

Sir-Reel Clarks

At the core of Sir-Reel Clarks' captivating performances lies the extraordinary synergy between Aaron, who effortlessly commands the melodeon, vocals, and percussion, and his father, Andy, a virtuoso on guitar, vocals, mandola, and bodhran.

Teifi Ukulele Group

Teifi Ukulele Group are a group of local enthusiasts who come together to share their enthusiasm for their quirky little instruments. Now they're coming to Fishguard Folk Festival to share the love with you! There are rumours of spare instruments... No photo, sorry, so we've taken the liberty of showing you the middles of three ukuleles.

For more information, please re-read. (© Scarfolk)

Late addition...


are a small group of a capella singers, mostly from rural parts of North Pembrokeshire. We love getting together to sing songs from many genres, including folk.

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