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Fishguard Folk Festival 2023 - video

Work in progress. We'll be adding more videos as we get them, keep checking back. Thanks to all the lovely people who sent them.

Busking outside The Oak on Friday morning. Who says you have to be a great player, or know the tune perfectly, to have fun?

Busking outside The Oak on Friday morning, a little later. The worrying thing on the ground is a set of pipes, not an unusual weapon.

The Friday night twmpath/ceilidh/dance. As you can see, we happily cater for all ages and abilities. We love the way this toddler is so swept up by the music (and eventually by a parent).

The Friday night twmpath/ceilidh/dance again. Everyone is welcome, everyone has a go, everyone has fun. Brilliant. The little girl in the blue party frock is having her own party right there!

Jess and Michael and friends (and a lovely recorder solo from Izqui) at The Ship Inn. For a lot of people, Jess and Michael were the find of the festival.

Lovely playing from Breige and Finbar in Ffwrn.

Heb Enw Morris testing their sticks, fortunately not to destruction.

Session at The Ship, with the Loudon Wainwright Appreciation Society and a song about an ex-skunk.

Fishguard Folk Singers are joined by friends and former members to sing "Sailing Home". Your grandfather didn't sing it.

Facing the Ocean gave us a unique gig out on Garn Fawr. Here they are in The Oak with a sample from their own "River with No Name".

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