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Fishguard Folk Festival 2022 - video

Clog dancing workshop

Busking outside The Oak

Cherrystones in Ffwrn

Finbar and Breige in session at The Ship

The very end of 'Once I Had...' by Broadoak

The Ship on Thursday night

Razor Bill, storming 'Galway Farmer' in Ffwrn

Mice in a Matchbox

Rapsquillion harmony workshop

Bluegrass session in Bennett's

Cherrystones in Ffwrn

Breige and Finbar busking outside The Oak

'Sailing Home by Broadoak with FFS. Fades in quickly from black

The Ship on Thursday night (again)

Festival veterans The Vagrants Crew

The ImprompTUNES versus The Monkees

The heart of the festival - The Oak session

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